Our Story

Jones Party of Five… The new owners of Quinn’s Ice!!!

Why we purchased Quinn’s Ice?
The opportunity was presented to us by the previous owners who where moving far far away. An ice cream truck? We thought “This sounds fun!”… and the rest is history. We are all about family and fun. Moreover we love ice cream and the Baltimore food scene, so what better way to put our stamp on it! Having family with severe lactose issues we knew this business was for us!
Being a food truck owner and having the opportunity to go to events is very special and unique. We love doing both, big public events, as well as private and intimate ones. At big events we get to serve people from all over, Maryland, DC, and PA. On the other hand, small events, such as weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or birthdays, are much more intimate. People tend to create their own menu.

Ice Cream Party? Yes, we cater!

We cater events of all kinds. Throw the ultimate ice cream party for your wedding, birthday, baby shower, corporate event or school function. Our lactose free soft serve ice cream comes in three different flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and the Twist. Ice Cream lovers can pick between a variety of cones and toppings to create the soft serve ice cream their hearts desire.

What’s your most popular item?
The number one of our delicious lactose free soft serve treats is our famous Ice Cream Sandwich. You can choose between 3 cookies and design your own ice cream flavor which will rock your tastebuds when you rock’n roll it in any topping.
Vanilla White Macadamia Nut Ice Cream Sandwich rolled in Rainbow Sprinkles and Oreos